The Black Carriage


A theft of gold in 1793 French Haiti sparks a secret mission to uncover an organisation called Black Carriage. The mission is assigned to a soldier whose wife’s murder on the same day may not have been a mere coincidence. His relentless and tumultuous quest ends with a dramatic meeting in Trieste, just before the death of Napoleon. It crosses nine countries and as many attempts on his life as, directed from the corridors of power in Paris, protagonists on both sides exploit the fog of revolution and war to conceal their trails.



This is a picaresque novel about a French soldier whose wife is murdered and son kidnapped on the same day that gold disappears from secret Government coffers in Haiti. His thirty-year pursuit is a never-ending drama with a tragic ending. The background of the story is loosely based on the tumultuous true life of a man, long-forgotten, who rose to become a middle-ranking controversial Napoleonic general with a penchant for finding himself on the wrong side of authority.



“Part historical fiction, part investigative mystery, the book incorporates an enticing swath of the former.” – Kirkus Reviews.


“Rich with world history and a burning central question, the story provides an array of real-life characters and fascinating locations.” – Kirkus Reviews.

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