Alice Blumen, a Pulitzer-hungry American journalist working in London, makes an intriguing discovery. The British government is covering up three incidents affecting travellers crossing the English Channel that in different ways involve the distortion of time. She seeks out and joins the protagonists after they abandon everything in their lives in order to undertake a strange pilgrimage across the countryside of southeast England.



An intrepid journalist finds herself immersed in strange forces pulling a diplomat, a businessman and a retired firefighter towards an inextricable showdown. What are the authorities afraid of? Who are the strange characters eternally adrift in the Channel, or the south coast monks who seem to know all about them? And what have an exotic dancer, a runaway painter, and the notorious Battley Airport, got to do with it all? Hummingbird tests the boundaries of reality as events unfold under a stream of low-flying descending aircraft.



“Readers with a bent for abstract expressionism may well see this random gathering of characters – and the aimless inevitability of the book’s pilgrimage – and find something of their own lives within.” – Kirkus Reviews.


“A defiantly obscure tale, verging on the surreal . . .” – Kirkus Reviews.


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