A Most Unfortunate Affair


The arrival of Captain Quinn, an inexperienced and reckless intelligence officer, disrupts the delicate equilibrium of a WW1 battalion in northern France. He and Captain Michael ‘Moose’ Cody, one of the company commanders, discover themselves rivals in both their professional and personal lives. As their intensifying feud stumbles towards an inextricable ending, which one of them will survive?



No two men are ever the same. Cody and Quinn, however, could not have been more different. One is arrogant, devious and distrustful, and has the ability to cajole others into anything he desires; the other has all the manners and instincts of his father, a clergyman inclined to give the benefit of doubt to the least deserving. When one encroaches on the territory of the other a clash becomes inevitable. Something has to give.



“While the author drops in a couple of shocking moments in the story’s latter half, he skillfully retains a slow burn all the way until the smashing conclusion.” – Kirkus Revues.


“An exceptional, edgy tale with convincing plot turns and a well-incorporated wartime setting.” – Kirkus Reviews.


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