When a vicious murder leads to a plot to hijack the national surveillance programme called Iliba, a London detective realises the danger he has got himself into. Accompanied by an attractive partner sent to spy on him, he embarks on a perilous adventure around Southern England and the west of Scotland to bring a high-placed cabal to justice. There are surprises along the way. 



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". . . a thrill ride pitting one lone, well-meaning couple against the country's power-grabbing elite . . . engrossing, provocative nail-biter." - Kirkus Reviews.


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". . . plenty of mystery, action and twists . . . a brilliant job . . . uncanny yet highly believable." - LoveReading Ambassador.


Read the full review here: Iliba Unravels by Ed Crutchley (9798543998724/Paperback) | LoveReading


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