Ed Crutchley author

Historical fiction  •  Present day humour and thrillers  •  Surrealistic and dystopian themes


Ed Crutchley is a retired manufacturing manager who specialises in surrealistic and dystopian themes. Iliba Unravels describes a plot to hijack a mass surveillance programme to predict people’s actions. A Most Unfortunate Affair is the story of rivalry between two English captains in WW1 France. The Black Carriage is the tumultuous saga of a French Napoleonic soldier in pursuit of his wife’s murderers. In Procession, old men in a New England town cause havoc by imitating processionary caterpillars. Hummingbird is a surrealistic satire about an English airport that changes its flight paths. In Bad Days in Broadacre, a gangster, a wayward historical commission and the National Guard provoke a hilarious New England romp. 


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